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Last: February 26, 2021

Hissing wires

Minimalistic symbol of hope for those without it ...
Last: February 25, 2021

Water Abstract

I was playing with my new camera and the dew, any thoughts welcome. Do you prefer the color or black and white? p s I...
Last: February 21, 2021

Pep Version II

I finally managed to get the computer to work out and export a version of the Snowy Pep. This one was fairly late into...
Last: February 21, 2021

Snow Experiments

Hello. It has been a while since I have gotten the time to just take some pics for my own leisure (I am a sports...
Last: February 21, 2021

Minimalistic viewpoint

Rare opportunity for me to get a head-on portrait from this Egret . Albeit a nature/wildlife image i decided to place...
Last: February 21, 2021

Snow Foolin

I keep waiting for the snow to melt so the roofer can come back to replace the delaminating sheathing and shingles...
Last: February 20, 2021

Snowy Pep

This is my second attempt at a Pep Ventosa-style tree photo. I learned some things from the last. This round I made an...
Last: February 19, 2021

Signature of a Winter sunset

a minimalist effort to capture a "cold" look the branches of the Rhus typhina have these fine "human" like hair on it...
Last: February 18, 2021


Searching for the sun / warmth / TLC .. another go at a minimalistic scene
Last: February 17, 2021

Portrait of Sam

Joe's talk of photography being difficult his time of year guilted me into getting out the camera and trying something...
Last: February 14, 2021

Tree Spirit, The Willow.

While processing shots taken today found Willow Trees become a fascinating b/w subject due to their yellow branches. I...
Last: February 13, 2021

A question of balance

Just throwing this out there to allow the community to add their critical feedback. My intent was to use the light...
Last: February 11, 2021

Recent ICM Work

This is a selection of my most recent ICM work. The first is a composite of a stained-glass window. The second is the...
Last: February 11, 2021

Wrapping Up

Some photo collages for previous work (sorry for the unsatisfactory design)

Let's Talk Negative Space

Hi All, We have occasionally had group discussions here. Since we had a mini discussion about negative space in recent...
Last: February 10, 2021

No body

Trying to “freeze” the moment of emptiness/loneliness
Last: February 9, 2021

Harry's Substitute Route

Harry, Susan, and I were stuck at the Residence Inn in Berwyn for the last two weeks while repairs were made to our...
Last: February 6, 2021

Anyone care to tell me their thoughts?

I took this when I first started shooting on a Sony a6000 and the kit lens. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Last: February 6, 2021

Fake Reflections are ...

Horrible? Fun? Hello friends! I've been away and haven't been contributing much. Hope to get back in thee groove here...
Last: February 6, 2021