Tour de Mercurol (France) | ICM

Nearby my home is a place called La Tour de Mercurol. This small hill is artificial and dates from the very early middle age period. A tower surrounds the hill, mainly ruined. This fortified construction us around 1000 years old.
This morning I decided to catch it to extract its essence with ICM.
As I'm a begginer with this technic...

ICM attempt

So my first attempt to ICM. In fact it's not the first, if I count panning shots. I realized yesterday, while searching a panning shot, it's the same. Just a slower shutter speed.

I shot it with my 90mm macro lens. Only had this one with me today. It's the river Rhine. The pictures are made with different movement speeds and are slightly...

Lone drop

The day passed with afternoon showers and a fresh round of water for the flora. The lone drop was waiting for its destination

Pont d'Arc (France)

In south of France, a 50m high natural arch is crossed through by the Ardèche river.
This natural construction is emblematic of my region. Most of the time, people take some pictures, all looking same at the end.
Thanks to Joseph Cole who put some words on the technic I tried to use (ICM), I've tested a new way to see the Pont d'Arc...

Light Waves

"Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force." ~ Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu's ancient philosophy is known as the Watercourse Way. Water always flows, somehow, back to its source...through, around, over, under...and it never uses force to do so.

When we flow in this way, our lives become more peaceful, joyful, and harmonious...

keep on trying something...

A new test in order to make closer both photography and painting. That time, I tried with a middle age tower nearby my home.
Once again, I added several photographies one on one to create....something. I do not know what, but something. At that time, I can not be more accurate in...

Abstract ICMs

I've just joined Fstoppers and am looking forward to connecting, sharing, and interacting here.

My abstract photographic work uses the ICM (intentional camera movement) technique, and I generally prefer to do this in the landscape to create images that reveal the essence of the natural world.

I've focused primarily on abstract...

That one prayer...

Don't know if this picture fits into this group, but wasn't able to find a better one.

I just bought my first prime lens, 50mm f/1.4, and it's amazing how good it isolates the subject from the background/foreground.

Have you ever stepped into a church, looking at the candles that people light up, and wondered what those people...


This is the ceiling in a shopping centre in Singapore. Instead of shopping I ended up with a stiff neck from just admiring the ceiling. I've had a go at changing it to black and white.

Minimalistic Portrait

I did this minimalistic portrait of a friend, a while ago. It was weird of her, to have my lens so close in front of her eye. I'm very thankful to her, that she made that picture possible. I really love the outcome and I'd like to do more of them. But finding models is not that easy.

The Watertower

Night falls as does the water. Steady for the shot, spin up the speed and pop the pic. Looking for water's expression in its uncontrollable voice, let the rays of light burst forward.

Extended Time And Light

While playing with other work items, someone broke the light stick, setting off its luminescence and a journey began with painting with light. 5 sec exposure.

Imaginary seahorse

I had used this feather in a previous short lived and failed photo session. I tossed it into a box of bits and pieces, still soaked with water. Weeks later I came across it again and this is what I saw .. a seahorse.

Moody Hydrangeas

I do love moody flowers! It is summer hydrangea season here. I try to take these straight from the camera and without much editing so I go on 'the hunt' for flowers in the sun while the surrounding is in shade. I was happy when I stumbled across these hydrangea are a favorite subject.

I also found this tiger lily and orchid while...

Ruth reminded me....

... that I also was experimenting with color in water. So those two pictures are the result of a whole afternoon... I had no idea to use the flash, to mix the color and how the heck I should do it (putting paint into the tank and shoot a picture). It was a fun experience with a lot of swearing... ;)

Picture #1 I put acrylic color with...