One Sister

Well, if I included the other Two, it would be mediumalist at best, and my life in this group could be very brief.

This image was inspired by Michael Kenna's simple images, and Hiroshi Sugimoto's ultra-simple seascapes (which would score an epic fail in any photo competition, the horizon bisecting an image with an often featureless sky...

"Get by with a little help from my friends"

This is a failed attempt - need help request. Craig's billowing blue ink/water shot is something I have been trying to do. I am very interested in the fluidity of this subject. I did too minimal research before setting up a shoot in my kitchen. I used suminagashi ink which is highly pigmented since I had it already. I didn't research enough to...

Cool breeze

I just wanted to share my first one. I like this minimalist style. This is actually me and my son in this photo, someone else pressed the button, but it was my camera and I cropped and stuff so ya know... any thoughts or pointers welcome.

Kitchen Abstracts

On rainy days, my daughter, who I am encouraging toward photography, and I play with "kitchen shooting". Last weekend we did oil floating on water. Our oil might be the wrong kind because I'd like the bubbles to be clearer/shinier but we are getting there. I'd love suggestions from anyone who has tried this. (Tall container of water sitting on...


Famous plane wreck in Iceland.
I tried different approach to the composition on this LE shot. Feel free to comment!

A couple of shots I took this month

Hello everyone,

Here's a couple of shots I took this month in my kitchen with minimal equipment. DSLR camera and two speed lights. Please let me know what you think you're feedback would be much appreciated.

Thanks Craig

Melting ice

This was an interesting concept that I imagined several years ago. I stretched a piece of cling film across the top of a large skillet and placed some ice cubes on the surface. The weight of the ice forced the center of the sheet to sag a bit and the depression kept the melted water in the middle of the "set." Then I used the heat of my fingers...


Heleboris is considered an antique flower as it is a old variety of landscape plants. I took this today. It was in the shade and I love the old fashion feel of the photo for this old fashion beauty.

Galileo thermometer abstracts

I was gifted this thermometer many years ago and it is still one of my favorites collectibles. Each of the floats inside the main tube is filled with a precise amount of colored liquid that rises or falls in the tube as the tube's liquid's temperature changes. Each float is calibrated to rise or fall at the temperature indicated on its attached...

Lessons learned from shooting in snowstorms

This is another image taken during a heavy snowstorm. It can be so rewarding to get out in such adverse conditions but presents unique challenges.

As I think my own experiences may help others I have documented the types of things I typically come across and may not be obvious on my website blog.

Take a look if interested,...

Working on a new spot

I recently found a few spots around where I currently live near Rochester, NY that feel a bit more like home to me. It is very difficult for me to find open spaces in western New York thanks to the over abundance of trees.

Sycamore leaves

I made these shortly after moving into my new home a couple years ago. We have a sycamore tree in the front yard and it was losing its leaves for winter. I noticed many of them were curled and made interesting patterns in the early morning sunlight, and the concrete porch also had a nice texture. All made with an iPhone and VSCO app.

Just For Fun Series

So... I have this series of shots that I love. But..... they are awkward because they are so long and narrow, no one knows what they are and they don't have broad appeal. They never rank highly in feedback or votes. However, I really like them. I just wanted to be able to share them with people who might appreciate them. This is the entire...

Details Fairmount

These three are from my series Details, Chapter Two," for which there is a fairly long explanation that I will not recount here (it's too long.) The one with the red arrows is from a subsection of that project that I call "Secret Messages in Plain Sight from our Alien Overlords." Fairmount is the section of Philadelphia where my daughter lives...

Hommage à Cartier-Bresson

Ironically, my favourite image from this reportage and documentary photography master is a landscape, which directly inspired this image, made just before the coming rain forced me back into the car. Dean's Marsh, near Lorne, Victoria, Australia.

I was pleasantly surprised to find an hommage to the same image in a portfolio of the work...


That I also enroll in this group :) with a photo that may be a weird mixture of everything from the group name.
LE view from Gardena pass - Dolomites, Italy.