Thoughts on Tree + Man

This is an image I've had for some time and it always catches my eye when reviewing. I like the visual interaction between the tree and the (not staged) person, set against the simple background.

I'd be interested to hear the initial impact this creates, and thoughts once you have had time to absorb.

All viewpoints welcomed (...

Mont Saint-Michel

The Mont Saint-Michel, most of the time, is shown in a seacape. Here, I wanted to see this 1000 years old abbey in a reverse way during the low tide. To me, these mudcracks are esthetic and bring a lot to that universe where keep living a few monks a the sumit (while millions of tourists walk down the only street turning around the base of the...

a remote waterfall in the french Alps

By walking in a steep canyon, I found this waterfall that i decided to photograph in a refined view just to keep the.dynamic of water in a deep steep and dark small valley.
I wanted the rocks to appear softly, whithout a lot of details to avoid doing a landscape photography. And I wanted the waterfall to be as a comma.
On the bottom...

Tree in Snow Storm

Driving a major highway in a snow storm made it difficult to stop and photograph but I just had to with this lone tree. It was snowing quite heavy but yet I added more snow to the photograph....does it look fake or is it ok?

Reflection in the Round 2

This is an abstract photographed from the same location as the colorful one in pinned post at the head of the board. I love the sense of confusion that makes you pull back and just look at the image and think "That pleases my eye" of "I don't like that" while not really knowing what it is you are actually looking at. Either reaction is fine!...

Agave Abstract

These are the leaves of an octopus agave - a striking plant that lends itself to abstracts due to its twisted leaves.

Two you haven't seen before

These are back in the Tango in early December (Pearl Harbor day). The white in the first one is ice. The EXIF data says these were shot about two minutes apart in mid-afternoon, so they couldn't have been too far from one another. I don't move that quickly. It's surprising that they have such different coloration.

How to get rid of reflection?

When I do my ink drops, there is a layer of oil on top of the water. The ink drops come to rest between the water and oil layers before falling through. These two images are taken of the top of the container rather than from the side as for the ink drops.

The big splotches of color are from drops that have poked through. However, the...

marine terminal

For me, the minimalist photo consists in extracting the essential from a place, a character, an object or a situation. Summarize the subject to what emanates from it, what is its essence.
This photo shows a marine signal post off Deauville (France). The Channel's skyline crosses an object perpendicularly with a basic/simple geometry and...