Redone self portrait

I did a self portrait series a few months ago where one of the 100 shots stood out as "Not what I imagined" so, using some of the things I've learned recently, I brought the shot back into light room, reset it, and started from scratch. Pretty happy with the result - thoughts?

Fuji XT-1

Helios 44-2 (56mm) @~F2.8


The power of dodge and burn

Hi again everyone,

I want to share with the same photo from last time , from the shoot from last week with the beautiful adi and share with you the big influance of dodge and burn!
you can see here the before and after photo but i also post the edit photo with one one twist.... one is the final edit photo and one is the same edit...

first post!

Hello everyone,

I'm glad to open my first group here- i have search a group here to show my post process and to learn more and mostly to share with others tis if i can help!! :)
so i'll be the first to post in this group , hope you like it and also share your work here!

I took this photo in my living room as i was trying my...

my first ever beauty dish - test shot 1

I am not sure this shot quite fits here, hopefully it does, but I am keen to learn from your specific skills in beauty photo-editing and so, well, read on please.

This is a test shot done using my new and first ever beauty dish. My old Elinchrom 66 head, a 1982 model, has just 3 stops of power reduction available, so even at 4 feet or so...