Infinite Tools Announce the New Infinite Luma Panel: A New Tool to Help With Luminosity Masking

One of the most useful and effective features in Photoshop, is the ability to create masks on different layers. This allows you to perform pin point and localized edits onto your image without impacting the rest of the file. For many photographers, layer masks are crucial and in my view, luminosity masks are one of the more useful ways of creating selections.

Infinite Tools is a company that has produced several incredible panels that I think are extremely useful for photographers. My personal favorite is the Infinite Looks Panel because it's a powerful tool that allows you to produce images with deep and meaningful color. As a company, Infinite Tools has been producing very interesting solutions for lots of complex editing techniques and this latest panel is definitely one to pay attention to. 

The Infinite Luma Panel allows you to create complex luminosity masks with great precision and ease. The whole interface has a very simple and straight forward design which is of course crucial. 

In the video linked above, Pratik Naik covers some of the key features and benefits of using the new panel and how it can help you with your editing work flow. 

You can purchase your copy of this panel for £39.00, using this link here

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Martin Peterdamm's picture

this would have been a useful feature for the new Photoshop to implement luminosity masks in an intuitive way. Even with this panel is seams slow and still not intuitive. It is much better done in capture one.