5 Great Uses for the Calibration Panel in Lightroom

Of all the functions and panels in Lightroom, the one that gets used the least is probably the Calibration panel. In fact, many photographers have been working in Lightroom for years and have never touched it. And while it is not necessarily essential, it can make a big difference in certain situations, and this excellent video tutorial will show you five ways it can improve your work.

Coming to you from Blake Rudis with f64 Academy, this awesome video tutorial will show you five different ways to use the Calibration panel for your work. While the Calibration panel is not crucial to most work, it can be sneakily useful in a variety of scenarios. I personally love using it on my landscape and drone photos. It is a very quick and effective way to add more punch to the sky without it appearing overly garish like it can when you use too much saturation. I had never thought of using it for skin tones, however, but as the video demonstrates, it can be a tremendously useful tool in that situation and in a lot of other scenarios as well. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Rudis. 

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michael stern's picture

One of the better tutotials for the intermediate to advanced user, your assumptions about prior knowledge are spot on. Thanks!

Paula Ponath's picture

Wonderful explanation of and use for the calibration tool. Thanks Blake! You continue to always bring such great content!!