Interview and BTS with Fashion Photographer Lindsay Adler

We've featured Lindsay Adler before - and with good reason. At 26, she is already an accomplished photographer and has been published in magazines like Popular Photography, Professional Photographer, Shutterbug and others. She's also a great educator, and this video is no exception. In this episode of [FRAMED], Lindsay talks about her 11 year progression as a photographer - everything from how she started to the specific steps she took to get where she is.

There are smaller, more unique tips - like using an ornament to fake a lens flare - to broader concept tips - like ways of getting your name in front of magazine editors. Lindsay is a photographer for the modern age. She's unique, creative, hard-working and uses technology and networking in smart ways. If you're having trouble getting your images seen by the right people, there is tremendously helpful advice in this episode. Oh, and there's also some beautifully shot BTS video of Lindsay at work on a fashion editorial in a ghost town in Nevada.

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Residing in New York City, Chris is an internationally published photographer whose work has appeared in Vogue, People, MSNBC, ABC, Ocean Drive, GQ and others. He is an instructor of Photography and Imaging at Pratt Institute and the New York Film Academy.

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26?! I thought Lindsay was a bit older than that! Makes her rise even more impressive, absolutely love her images. Striking stuff.

She's now 27

Natural talent for photography as well as teaching. Amazing. Thank you for sharing this.