Striking Architectural Photos Shot From The Perfect Angle

Striking Architectural Photos Shot From The Perfect Angle

Architectural (and real-estate) photography is one of the most challenging and technical types of photography. In most cases, the goal is to get a clean shot with perfect lighting showing the place at its best and "sell" it to the viewer. It usually means the photo will show the location in a wide-'normal' angle and without distortion. But there is a different kind of Architectural photography that shows buildings and rooms in a unique angle, creative lighting, and usually shows only small part of it. It's about making art out of architecture. Check out these great images showing just that!

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Shape Of Light XIII
Photo: Julius Tjintjelaar.

Looking up at the British Museum
Photo: Sergio Amiti.

Photo: AndreasS.

Read Galassi interviewed by Enticing the Light:
Photo: Gianni Galassi.

Molten Emporia I (ti)
Photo: Mabry Campbell.

Smooth Curves
Photo: Todd Klassy.

Photo: piriskoskis.
Disney Concert Hall, Study 2
Photo: Ivan Makarov.

the Forum
Photo: Gilson Geoffrey.

Shape of Light IV
Photo: Julius Tjintjelaar.

Photo: Paul Wheeler.

life = hope
Photo: Christian Beirle González.

like a harp's strings VI - encore - (explored)
Photo: Julia Anna Gospodarou.

Contrast in shape
Photo: Twan Verrijt.

Architecture of the University Medical Center Groningen
Photo: Wim Hazenhoek.

Saber of Light I
Photo: J. Alias

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Zach Sutton's picture

These are stunning.

Rob's picture

Very nice shots! 

Amazing Shots!! Here's some I shot last year:

Getting Directions by Ahmed S. Messaoudi via 500px

3 things these almost all have in common
-10 Stop ND Filter
-Frequency separation
-Silver Efex 2

...and? Don't c your point!!

Andreas Feustel's picture

16 different photographers!

And you think all of them used a 10 stop ND filter, frequency separation and Silver Efex 2?

How do you know??

Since he doesn't answer (apparently for the lack of any explanation) let's just consider this just as a troll comment! We move on ;)

Well processed indeed.

What is frequency separation?

Hi, you should also check the work of French Photographer Eric Forey ( )