Hasselblad Goes To The Ocean

After our half disastrous sailing trip in the Charleston Harbor today, it's only fitting to feature this really inspirational video on sailboat photography. Tim Wallace is an amazing auto and commercial photographer but today he is taking his Hasselblad out on the water. Shooting large boats like this with just natural light is always a challenge but Tim makes it look like a walk in the park. Equipped with helicopters, chase boats, models, and expensive cameras most people probably can't afford, Tim creates some spectacular images in Project Genevieve. I love this shoot because it's both commercial and editorial in nature and features spectacular shots of the sailboat as well as some lifestyle images with models that aren't hard on the eyes. Be sure to check out Tim's full portfolio especially if you like automotive photography.

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He's actually using flash also. But yeah, his work is great, especially his work for Aston Martin.

Patrick Hall's picture

Yeah I just meant the wide shots of the boat. The model shots do have flash.

John Maxwell's picture

he's also using flash on the wide shots when he's shooting from on board the other boat.

This was pretty cool. How cool did that ocean and sky look with that fisheye?!

Jänz S.'s picture

plus making of: http://vimeo.com/9181892

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yeah now that you mention it, they are very similar. Here's the post we did on Paul: http://fstoppers.com/paul-ripke

Jänz S.'s picture

interesting. compare those pictures with the style of german photographer Paul Ripke - who had pretty much the same setting http://paulripke.de/html/ausgabe.php?galid=22&kategorie=paulsports&a... (instead he had to advertise watches ;) )

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As soon as you see the coordinates come up you know this is going to be bad ass.

Alright officially borrowing the family boat and going out soon.

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I loved both the cool way the video looked with the fisheye and the final images. What a challenge it must have been to shoot a moving boat, on a helicopter to get in the right position to shoot the sun where it was. One needs a good pilot for this. I would hate to get up in the air with a pilot that couldn't control the helicopter the way I want when the shot you want on a beautiful day is right there waiting to be taken.