Michael Shainblum: The Art Behind The Time Lapse

San Diego based photographer, Michael Shainblum, is not only a great photographer, he's also an incredible time-lapser. When Michael was young he was diagnosed with Dyslexia and learning disabilities, and got discouraged when he saw that other kids succeed and do well while he struggles. He quickly realized he can excel in art, and decided to take this route to succeed in life. For the past few years Michael has created some of the best time-lapse videos ever created. VICE filmed this very interesting documentary about him and his work - sit back and enjoy!

After you finish watching the short documentary about Michael's work, check out his most recent Time Lapse video showing the beauty of California, or of earth in general. In one word: INCREDIBLE.

[Via The Creators Project]

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You think these are great. Those of us with slow internet connections can't get them to view. Stopping all while waiting an hour and more for it to download is not worth it. Put up a lower resulution option so we can see them.

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Not big on manners, eh Jim?

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Awesome Job Michael! Keep rocking it man!