Sean White's Incredible Six Year, Seven Continent Time-lapse

Most of us have seen some masterful camerawork when it comes to breathtaking time-lapses. Sean White sets a new precedent with this creation by gathering images from a total of 24 countries on all seven continents over the course of six years. The project was funded by Art Wolfe.

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Looks great but honestly, I'm getting burnt out on time lapse stuff. It gained alot of ground in the recent year or two and now it's everywhere. I think it's going to be like the HDR effect where it starts to grow old. The imagery is nice but it's the same ole effect.

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HDR got old very quickly where as time-lapse has been around for decades and will always have a place and will always have people finding work - even if it's just licensing their work for us in tv shows and documentaries etc - some of this guys stuff is bloody brilliant, some unique locations and an overall excellent production

Wow. The music choice was a bit annoying at times, but regardless - wow.
"The project was funded by Art Wolfe." - that seems like a good way of travelling.