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Glamorous Dancer in Spotlights

Outtake from my photoshoot with NYC alternative ballet group Company XIV for INKED Magazine this year. Here is a singer and dancer in the company backlit by the actual stage lighting including a large cinema fresnel light that is used as both a prop and illumination in their productions. Company XIV is a hybrid of professional ballet and opera with elements of burlesque and circus mixing both traditional opera and contemporary music performed by the dancers. The costuming is draw more from burlesque than traditional ballet both for the women and men in the company.

During the performance the audience sees everything including the dancers changing from costume to costume. Company XIV is known for their cutting edge interpretation of classic fairy tales into ballets set to rock and pop music.

My shoot included 10 dancers on their stage. This shot was captured balancing light from the tungsten theatrical lights with my strobe lighting from a Profoto Pro7a and head into extra large softbox from the left side of the frame.

85mm · f/6.3 · 1/30s · ISO 100
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