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Kids Fashion Catalog Shoot

Another file from assignment work for fashion catalog client. This one with a vivacious child model. The objective of the shot was to show the sewn on appliqué which allowed for more freedom in the posing. Many of my fashion assignments have a more tightly defined objective of what needs to be shown and how. This shot allowed us to have more fun with the shot.

A combination of the child model's motion and a studio fan gave her hair the lift for a sense of motion in the shot.

The tech on this shot was basic. I created a large soft light source on camera right with these components:
-6'x6' Chimera framed scrim diffusion standing vertically
-Profoto ProHead strobe firing away from model into standing white V-flat which fills the area of the scrim
-two standing white V-flats camera left for reflection fill

Using the Profoto 2400ws Pro7a turned down to about 1/3-1/2 power and working on turbo mode allows for extremely fast recycle which keeps the energy up on the set. Years of working on kids fashion shoots has taught me several approaches for directing young models to keep them authentically happy and comfortable on shoots.

Nikon D850
130mm · f/14 · 1/160 · ISO 100
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