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Promotional Portrait of Musician

Although I shot several photos of violinist Lisa with her various instruments, I thought the natural light portrait of this beautiful musical without an instrument was compelling.

The environment was a white room with white fabrics spread over bed with a window behind her. Without any lighting or reflection from the front I relied on the ambient bounce from the room and the ability of my Zeiss Otus 55mm lens to handle the light coming directly into lens without flaring.

In the past I might have been apprehensive about shooting under these lighting conditions, but I have learned over time that the Zeiss lens can handle the 'incorrect' lighting situation. In the end I think the pose, the expression and the lighting give the photo an authentic quality which satisfied the purpose of the shoot.

It did require some highlight and shadow control of the raw file in Capture One, but not an extreme amount.

55mm · f/2.0 · 1/80s · ISO 200
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