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Golden Natural Headshot

Headshot taking at the golden hour. This natural light headshot portrait of blonde beauty Courtney was a bonus at the end of an otherwise grey day. The rest of my shoot utilized strobe light, but I couldn't resist capturing this natural beauty shot when the sunlight streamed in at the end of the day.

I am fortunate to have a studio with large west-facing windows that give beautiful soft light all day. When the sun drops to a low angle the beams of golden late afternoon light fill the studio and project the mullion patter from the windows on my cyc-wall. I was able to make the most of that light in this headshot.

The most important lighting control on this shot was positioning the model to be lit by the beam from one window and framed between the beams of two other windows. The beautiful light only lasted for a few minutes on the late winter day. The same effect can be had for an hour or longer during the summer.

Otherwise the tech. was basic. Nikon D850 w/ Zeiss Otus 85mm and large reflector panel to soften the shadow.

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