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Cambodian slum man with stitches...

This quiet gentle Cambodian man was hanging out his washing while I was photographing his neighbour, and asked very politely if I could take his picture, in very hard to understand Cambodian / English.

His story is a deep one, having survived the genocide and the Pol Pot regime, then falling ill for a number of years.

Health care in Cambodia is all about who you know apparently, and he has found it extremely tough to get the medication he needs to battle illness.

You can see some scars from a recent operation, and he is regaining his strength, but still finds it hard to get the right treatment… especially being a slum dweller…

I deliberated for quite some time about whether or not to post this image. It is such a vulnerable moment in time, with such an open soul… I think the world needs to know about the plight of the impoverished in Cambodia, and I will do everything I can to bring attention to the cases I have witnessed.

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