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Cambodia river boat...

The boat to Battambang, Cambodia.

Talk about an adventure! Noisy, hot, sweaty, diesel choking skiff - passing floating villages and pushing through the wetlands submerged trees, this trip had it all - oh, and by all that I mean I loved every minute of it!

From Siem Reap it’s between 5-7 hours on boat to Battambang (depending when the boat driver shows up and how long the lunch stop is) and you will see the most amazing sights along the way.

During the flood season the river rises to cover everything and is super wide in most parts, but there are still some choke points like this little bit where the river narrows and boats have to pass. No other option.
These “rivers” are the life blood of remote villages, and boats are the only way in, and out for the locals.

About 3-6 meters below us is the road - that appears when the wet season ends and life returns to normal. What you see here is the tree tops, incredible!

We got stuck on some trees and foliage here letting the smaller boat pass, but a bit of reverse thruster a few minutes and we were released to continue on our way to Battambang.

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