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Mexican Sunset...

A recent trip to Mexico saw us in the Quintana Roo province and exploring from top to bottom.

We spent some time in Coba, looking at ruins, talking to locals and walking the eerily quiet lakes that surround the little town. (Once the tourists go home the place really cleans out! - Top tip!!!)

One such night I was spellbound at this point on the lake at sunset, standing next to a sign that read "beware el cocodrilo"

Now, I surely wasn't going to go for a swim there, but we did walk to the end of a small wharf and look into the murky depths. In was sure I was going to find a giant man eater just waiting on the bottom, under the wharf.

One thing I couldn't help but wonder, is why all the birds that were sitting in the water were't dinner for "el cocodrilo".

This one smart little bird was perched on a stick, so probably figured in his bird mind that he was a little safer than the rest...

An hour later, still no "el cocodrilo" and I was a little disappointed, but I did manage to get this little chap sitting on a stick, probably also waiting for "el cocodrilo"... He was lucky, I was a little disappointed to be honest....

Shot with Nikon P7700 (Great little travel camera only replaced by the Canon G7X BTW), 1/40 sec at f:5.6.

See the glorious full size (wide horizontal) file as it was meant to be seen over at https://travelexploreshoot.smugmug.com/Animals/i-gbJjB5C

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