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Naughty little monkey...

No monkeying around here…

This little guy was hanging with his buddies at the entrance to historic Ankor Wat in Cambodia, and the tourists seem to love giving the local monkeys water, food, camera’s and handbags - stuff that quickly disappeared up the trees to be used as tradable currency in the primate community.

Not sure what they would have used the handbags for but most of the items were up-ended, only to fall from above and leave bewildered tourists scrambling for the contents of their bags.

I’ll grant you that you don’t mess with these guys, as they seem to be gang based and support each other with threatening behaviour if you challenge them, but if you don’t give them an opportunity to steal your stuff, they are actually pretty chilled out little dudes… just hanging, watching the silly tourists take many pictures with shiny objects until one turns their back.

There were hundreds of these little guys at the entrance to the temples.
I loved their expressions, you can just about see what they are thinking through their eyes… "Gimme that 5d...."

Canon 80D
105mm · f/6.3 · 1/400s · ISO 1250
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