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Speeding scooter in Cambodia...

Another slum image from a recent trip to Cambodia.

Sometimes a little bit of colour can brighten someones day, so hope this brightens yours.

I shot this pic after noticing that the family in this makeshift slum home actually had a mailbox out front.

I never imagined that slum dwellers expected to get mail, but then I am from a first world country, so what do I know - I’m learning all the time!
All of a sudden this motorcycle rode right in front of me as I was shooting, and I noticed it made for a very striking image…

I like to think this rider was on her way to slum yoga… but she could as easily have been on her way to check on her goats or cow.

That smell you get as all the lush vegetation opens up after a downpour, and the excessive heat / humidity made me really work for this image.

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