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Daylight Bridal

Bridal fashion image of model Brittany shot at my industrial daylight photo studio. I am fortunate to have a large studio space that was once an industrial factory. I have several oversized windows facing west which produce great afternoon light.

This image was produced with only natural light during mid-day when the direct light is not yet filling the window. The effect is a soft side light from the left. The shadow was controlled by several 4'x8' Foamcor reflector panels placed near the model on the right side of the image. A single north facing window gives enough luminance to produce a nice separation light on the model's left chin.

The image was captured with Nikon D810 using the 105mm DFC lens. In some images from this shoot I used a small amount of de-focus control, but this particular image it was not active and the bokeh is strictly due to the f2.2 aperture

Nikon D810
105 · f/2.2 · 1/125 · ISO 200
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