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Dry Lake Denim

Natural light fashion shoot on Nevada dry lakebed with model wearing couture gown made of denim. Mid-day shoot with daylight through 6'x6' Chimera scrim for diffusion.

The scrim is held up by two sturdy folding stands weighted down by equipment cases. Luckily the wind was only moderate. The scrim cast large enough area of soft lighting to pose the model in gown. Low camera angle reduces the shadow line from scrim.

Highlight reduction in Capture One Pro brought back the color in the sky.

85mm · f/5.6 · 1/500s · ISO 100
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Wonderful photo and model Dan!
You can do another extra shot without scrim, just for the shadow.


Not bad. That horizon leaves me with a kink in my neck though.

Great image, Dan!

Nice capture Dan! I love these location shoots!

Love the shot! models expression really nails it! Like the others i agree, the horizon shift and the shadow cast by the scrim are the only things id change. Great shot!

What I really love about this composition is that her body is turned so that she is kinda facing out of the frame - which I love! I love it because it is slightly breaking the rule about someone on the edge of the frame turning in toward the center of the image, and that gets so boring. This is dynamic because she is so far off center and yet not facing toward the center - I love that!

I often attempt to use this type of composition in my wildlife and bird photography, but it is often met with criticism because I didn't follow the obvious rule. Sheesh!

Isn't it better to do something different than to do what everyone else is doing? I surely think so!

Great shot. Spent 4 years shooting at Edwards, alas, they were all aircraft! Thanks for sharing the image.