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Lingerie Garden

Statuesque model Keilah in green lingerie posing in outdoor garden. Photo was created with natural light with only a reflector softly filling in minor shadows. Mostly the lighting is soft indirect light in the shade of an outdoor gazebo with loose bamboo curtain which the model used as part of the pose.

As usual, my Nikon D810 was set up on Feisol carbon tripod with the Nikon 70-200 f2.8 lens. This is an efficient set up for outdoor fashion shoots because with planning you can use 70mm for full length coverage and zoom to 200mm for beauty portraits without drastically resetting the camera position.

While I did some images on this set with the camera plane parallel to the bamboo curtain, in this case the camera is perpendicular to the bamboo which enhances the shallow depth of field effect and draws attention to the model

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