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Vintage Fashion in Theater

Retro fashion shoot at vintage 1929 theater lobby in Jersey City. NYC fashion model was selected for her classic look that I had used on a previous retro fashion studio shoot for catalog.

The location is a special place. It is one of the few remaining fabulous movie palaces that date back to the 1920s. The theater is undergoing restoration and preservation. I had seen a couple of classic movies at the theater and had wondered about setting up a shoot there. I decided to volunteer with the restoration effort doing things like cleaning, painting, and rehabilitating balcony seating and even making popcorn on movie nights. That process allowed me to prepare for doing a fashion shoot there. My half-day shoot only scratched the surface on what is possible, but I was able to capture two outfits each on two models.

This shot was a high ISO shot with my Nikon D810 w/ Zeiss Otus 55mm f1.4. I used the model light from my strobe into large soft box for a low level of light which helped me balance with the ambiance of the theater. In other shots I used the power of my Profoto strobes to light up the scene.

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