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Bridal Fashion Studio

Editorial style bridal fashion shot in my studio for designer. After we captured a more standard shot on this gown we chose to create the editorial style shot of throwing flowers with the loose cut stems. We only had three or four attempts at it because the flowers would damage on each throw. Each throw would yield 3-4 exposures with my Profoto Pro7 Strobes on Turbo recycle mode. This shot was created with single extra-large Plume Wafer softbox with egg crate grid to narrow the beam and enhance contrast and detail on the gown. The set was crated with a hand-painted blue textured canvas backdrop rented from Oliphant Studio in NYC in the back wall. Nikon D810 w/ Zeiss 55mm Otus lens.

Nikon D810
55mm · f/10.0 · ISO 100
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