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Bridal Fashion Type54 Polaroid

Reposting one of my favorite past photos from a bridal fashion advertising shoot. The focus of the shoot was creating full-color advertising photos for bridal fashion line at a wonderful location in NYC. My primary set up with a Hasselblad H1 w/ Leaf digital back but I had selected to bring along my basic 4x5 Cambo camera with Schneider 150mm lens and use some of my precious remaining Type 54 Polaroid film that I have been storing in my fridge. I truly think this was worthy of the film. this is a natural light shot carefully composed to outline the beautiful and talented model Nadia K. using light streaming in the window and reflecting on mirrors leaning agains the wall. We brought over the antique chair and styled the gown. The color digital images from this set up eventually made the cover of a bridal magazine but I have a sentimental attachment to the black and white from the Polaroid negative. I had the negative scanned at a pro lab and what remains is basically unedited. I really love the dynamic range of the negative and the natural edges. I believe the only work I did on it was to clean up a few dust spots from the scan. I wish I could say that all of the glows and highlights were planned, but it is really quite hard to see the image in detail on the 4x5 under the conditions I had to shoot in. I was lucky to get it in focus. It was a wonderful surprise to have the glowing details in the necklace and hair and the smooth highlights on the chair. It was everything I could have asked for in the image.

(I had previously posted this image paired with another b/w image)

4x5 Cambo
150mm · ISO 100
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A very sensitive and intimate image of the model. And yes, I almost cried when using my last box of TY54. Sure miss Polaroid.