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Bridal Fashion Composite Profile

Another in my bridal fantasy composite series using a recent bridal fashion shot from designer client. In addition to shooting more standard images, I am given the freedom to create more moody images on select dresses that will later be considered for promotion in advertising and on social media. For this image I shifted the lighting to strong side-light and pulled out the reflector and separate light that I would normally use for a catalog shot. I felt like the side detail on this dress lent itself to the side lighting. The model's profile also favors the side light. I merged the dress image to a manipulated stock background and then filtered the flattened image to try and 'sink' the gown image into the shot.

The gown image was captured with a Nikon D810 w/85mm Zeiss Otus. Lighting was a Profoto head into large Plume Wafter that is firing thru a French Door on the original set.

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Beautiful work! Very nice!