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Theater Fashion

Fashion model wearing sequined evening gown sitting in restored theater audience seating of surviving vintage 1929 era cinema.

Ambient lighting capture using both the light value coming from the stage to the left and the modeling light from my Profoto strobe inside a soft box from the right which allowed me to also bring in the house lights from deep in the theater.

High ISO and nearly wide open lens were required to make the capture. My Nikon D810 w/ 85mm Zeiss Otus was locked down to tripod for the exposure with just enough depth of field to show the detail of the headpiece and model's face. Focus quickly falls off to soften the lines of the theater seats.

The overall composition and mood of the shot was something I observed the model in the pose in the available light while I was setting up to capture it with only strobe lighting. I made a quick decision to use the ambient light for this shot.

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Excellent and very original!