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Vintage Fashion on Stage

Continuing with the series shot at vintage cinema. European fashion model wearing white evening gown and jacket shot on the theater stage in front of the footlights.

The theater is primarily used as a vintage cinema, but also has a traditional stage which was originally used for vaudeville shows alternating with film screenings. I wanted to capture the raw theatrical elements with this model posing at the transition between backstage and on stage. She is standing between the actual theater curtain and the massive 1950s era Voice of the Theater speakers that are used behind the film projection screen.

I used the authentic ambient footlights and stage work light and supplemented with a bare strobe coming from the theater seats to show the texture of the theater in the background. The lighting on the model was from my extra large soft box. I dragged the shutter to 1/8 sec to build the ambient with my camera on my trusty Feisol carbon tripod (which I seem to use on almost all of my shoots to some degree).

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