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Claryssa 03

I have shot Claryssa quite a number of times over the years and we have created some of my fave images and in fact, she is also the girl in my B/W banner.

Claryssa is a +size model who has worked all over the world and quite extensively all over Europe.

I love shooting around water so I suggested that we do a pool shoot in my studio.

We started shooting the usual pretty swimwear image that one typically does in a pool and they were all looking great until I suggested to Claryssa to do a bit of splashing and then the shoot took a complete turn.

Claryssa started gyrating, throwing her hair around and splashing the water. The whole look took on a life of it's own. We ended up with so many dynamic shots and the typical swimwear shoot took on a much darker tone.

This was shot using 2 lights. One front left and one highlight rear left.

Canon 5D Mark II
35mm · f/10.0 · 1/125s · ISO 200
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Very cool!!!

Thanks Jon

Killer shot , what kind of fan did you use for this effect ?


loving the hair in this piece, well done Greg

Thanks Mike

I love it !

Thanks Adrian

I've seen this displayed on the FS website for quite some time and it is definitely an eye catcher. Great photo. I have only two minor criticisms... one is your signature stamp (I'm generally not fond of in anyone's photos) which I think is intrusive where you placed it. Perhaps lower left or right would have been better. I know we are all trying to protect our photos from theft. The other criticism is that her splayed hand does not look feminine but rather "frog-ish" or salamander-like. Otherwise I like your non-posed pose (she did well), lighting, and color blast.

Dynamic image. Great capture!