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Bridal Fashion: Grand Room

Bridal fashion advertising composite photo comprised of a model shot in a studio in California and a background image gathered from stock. The model shot was part of a catalog and advertising shoot for bridal fashion company Bonny Bridal of a gown with particularly large train and pink undertones.

Lighting is from 6'x6' vertically-hung diffusion screen (Chimera) lit with two Profoto Pro7 heads firing into Foamcor reflector panels which bounce back and thru the diffusion making very large soft box on right side. Light from other diffusion panels fill the shadow on her back and bring out texture of gown. The model image was captured with Nikon D3X and Nikon 70-200mm VR II.

The challenge with making a realist composite shot is matching the lighting from the desired studio shot to a pre-existing stock shot. In this case I searched thru many hundreds of stock images to find a background image that had light from both the side and background. Then the model was positioned in the scene to make the angles the light would have traveled had she been shot on location.

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wow, stunning