unicorn by Peter Nestler
Peter Nestler's picture


Whether anyone else likes this photo, it has been my unicorn. I have spent the last 3+ years hunting for an ice tube that would make a perfect frame for a sunset picture. I have found a few during that time, but they were always facing the wrong direction or near impossible to reach. I was very excited to come across this one while venturing on a glacier recently. Ok. Excited is a bit of an understatement since I finally slayed the unicorn shot...maybe slayed is the wrong term because I doubt I would actually kill a unicorn if I ever found one. Rode? Captured?
Regardless, this was taken in Alaska at sunset (3:50pm so I could hike back in the dark and still make it home for dinner). It goes to show that if you keep trying to find what you're looking for, eventually you will get that shot. So glad this one is off my list.

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