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Dream part deux

I was sitting at home on a rare clear day when the clouds started rolling in perfectly an hour and a half before sunset. My father-in-law was in town so I grabbed him and a canoe to begin a mad paddle across the lake to get up to the glacier. I had spotted this ice arch a couple days before and thought it would make a great spot to shoot if the clouds ever cooperated. I got a perfect night to work with.

I arrived just in time to scramble up some rocks and duck under this arch to grab a couple pano shots since 15mm wasn't wide enough (12 images in 2 rows). My boots weren't high enough to stand in the water so I crouched quite uncomfortably with water dripping on me (since I forgot my rain coat and camera cover). All in all a great night and the paddle back was a bit more relaxed.

Canon r5
15mm · f/8 · 1/2 second · ISO 100
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Great place! Stunning colors and reflections! Awesome job!

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Thanks! All the elements lined up perfectly for this one.