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McGinnis Studies

I’ve been practicing making images in the style of the old pulp artists of the 60’s and 70’s. Namely Robert McGinnis.

Model: http://instagram.com/lindsay.marie.allen
Photographer: http://instagram.com/chase.wilson.photo


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I love the idea here! I like that you used hard light (like they would've during that time) and the color is really nice, especially your choice of H/S/L in the yellow circle. I feel like if that color was any different, the photo wouldn't be nearly as good. Props to you!

If I can throw my 2 cents worth of criticism out there:

1) In the days you were talking about, women's hair was made perfect before they would do shoots like this. I would try to clean up that hair on the shoot day if I'm going for this concept.

2) I think the bra looks great but the bottoms/panties would've looked more true to the concept if they were more boring and covered more of her.

3) I know this is controversial nowadays, but because of the concept, I think if you had retouched her hips and D/B'ed her face so that everything was smooth and tight, it would increase the strength of the photograph.

4) The chair is interesting. Because it does feel like it comes from the 60's era but because of the color and style of the weapon holster, it makes me think you're trying to shoot a movie poster of a 1960's Western. If that was the case, I think a rocking chair would've been more appropriate but shooting this as a Western might not have worked with this art-style/vibe. I think if you had gone with a shoulder holster (something a cop/detective would've worn) it would've been more cohesive with the concept.

All that said, I really liked this photo and the concept you went for and I think you did a great job. Her pose is awesome and the placement of her against the chair against the yellow circle is impeccable. I'm inspired!