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Blue Rain

Lovely European model Tereza at specialty rain studio in New York City which has black walls and floor with controllable overhead water features. Fortunately the water is heated for the comfort of the model. The heated water also produces a volume of steam that reacts with the color of the background lights.

Color changing LED lights are permanantly mounted on the back wall and overhead which can produce a constant color or a rotating spectrum of light. I chose to let the rotation keep the color effects change many times over the course of shooting this and another model. The effect is a variety of color effects in the background, mostly blue but with touches of green, purple and red on other images.

The main light hitting the model is from a strobe head's modeling lamp inside large soft box. I chose to use the constant modeling lamp instead of the more powerful strobe to strike a better balance between the output power of the LED lights in the background which also let me keep a relatively slow shutter speed to show the movement of the water.

The shallow depth of field and slow shutter speed required more direction and greater discipline from the models to maintain sharpness in the images. Luckily both were experienced models. Most of the session was captured with the Zeiss Otus 85mm f1.4.

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