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Fall Fashion Window

Catalog shoot with agency model for fall fashion catalog client. This shot was captured at unique rental location in New York City which is a rustic factory building which has been reimagined with compelling color and texture with a collection of antique furniture and decoration. The location is popular with fashion shoots as well as weddings. This shot was captured using only the light from the window with some shadow control from a reflector panel. One of the challenges on this shoot was to maintain a natural light feeling on a very dark and grey February day. I normally only shoot at 100 iso to get the most out of each file, but I was forced to work at 400 iso and to carefully balance supplemental strobe light with the natural light in the room without changing the natural feeling. The Nikon D810 and a trusty tripod delivered the 400 iso files with good color and little noise which was a pleasant surprise. We were able to rearrange the scenes to get the most out of both the texture and the lighting. The client wanted set the models apart from the backgrounds with a shallow depth of field, but at the same time they needed crisp detail in the garments which makes for a small target to hit each time.

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Great lighting, you definitely nailed the balance between ambient and strobe.

Love the color toning, the garment and your balance of strobe with natural. You did a great job!

That D810 surprises me all the time and performs exactly as I like. You handled it beautifully too. Nice.

absolutely stunning

Awesome light. Loving that green as well

This is a BEAUTIFULLY captured shot, but Dan said it's all natural light.....no strobe. Helluva use on the reflector to even out the lighting!