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Tamara Window1

Natural light portrait shot of glamour model Tamara at hotel location. Lately I have been playing around with including sources of light in the crop of my photos. In this case by wrapping the white curtains around her, the lighting creates a double side light effect. The floor to ceiling translucent curtain wrap the light around her to show the shape of her face without bringing out unwanted skin texture that side lighting can often do.

I rely on my Zeiss lens in these situations to maintain detail and guard against flare. Raw file was processed in Capture One Pro 10, skin/beauty retouching in Photoshop and finally filtered with Nik Analog Efex Pro2.

The model is someone I had the good fortune to discover about 8 years ago who has gone on to do numerous shoots for national productions. Although petite at only 5' 4', she has the same proportions that I see in tall fashion models, so without a height reference it is hard to tell her size.

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