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Daylight Fashion

Another from editorial fashion shoot. Model Martha from Q Models agency in NYC wearing custom distressed by East Village fashion label. This image was set in my daylight studio outside of NYC which has several large (5'x8') windows open to direct west light.

Afternoon light as the angle drops projects a beam of light onto cyclorama. Image shows beam from one window lighting the model with beam from other window projecting onto cyc wall. Shadow for the main window lighting was reduced with a white V-flat on front side of model while a edge/separation light was added from reflection off a silver V-flat on rear side of model. I frequently use two independent V-flats that can provide reflection fill, edge lighting or negative fill in different parts of the scene, like here white to silver, but I can often use white reflection in front and black negative fill on side to increase contrast or separation from background. .

Model was directed to flip tulle skirt into the air and pose before the skirt falls. I have found this technique can be as effective as external wind sources such as studio fan, depending on the weight of the fabric.

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