Adobe Photoshop CC is Now Available For Download

Adobe Photoshop CC is Now Available For Download

A few weeks after the announcement of Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) at Adobe Max, Adobe has finally made the newest installment of the Photoshop series available to the general public. If you've already adapted to the Creative Cloud service, you should be getting your notification for the update any second now, if you haven't already. For those resisting the cloud, this software is not available for you.

The most notable new feature to Photoshop CC is the Shake Reduction filter, which is found in Sharpen menu of Filters. This feature allows you to remove some of the blur that comes from shooting at a slow shutter speed and moving your camera ever so slightly. And while the filter isn't perfect, its able to fix some of your photos that may otherwise be unfixable. Another new feature that we're excited about is Adobe Camera Raw as a filter, which lets you access the Raw control panel once already inside Photoshop.

Other notable features are Smart Sharpen upgrade, Dynamic round corners for shapes, smart object liquify, 3D layer enhancements and more. For a full list of new features, check out our rundown from Adobe MAX, or head over to

If you're looking to join the Adobe Creative Cloud, you can do so by clicking here.

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Zach Sutton is an award-winning and internationally published commercial and headshot photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA. His work highlights environmental portraiture, blending landscapes and scenes with portrait photography. Zach writes for various publications on the topic of photography and retouching.

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Hmm, not working for me - I'm a CC member, but when attempting to download PSCC, it opens up my Adobe App Manager which then says that Photoshop CS6 is up to date and no updates are available...

It's taking a little longer to update I think. Though I already have Photoshop CC, my other apps aren't showing a need to update. It will probably kick in any time now.

Cool, thanks for the head's up

For sure. I'm as eager as you are to get my stuff up to date.

Downloads are working for me now. Whew!

me too! Thanks again

same here, had to go find the new photoshop CC in the list of apps and install...same with bridge CC

excited to try the shake reduction filter

I have tried it with three images so far. In two, it fixed them really well. In one, it really made it worse. Nigh unusable. It has its limitations, but it's a start.

There's quite a number of settings to mess with, none too explicit on what they do... there's also the 'advanced' mode that lets you select multiple points to sample from... just selecting the wrong settings can produce horrible results...

It's going to take some practice to master it.

Yeah, tell me about it!

LOL I find it funny that the Minimum OS for windows systems is Windows 7, Guess i will have to upgrade sooner then i had thought to be able to use my 1 year membership :/ NOT cool Adobe!

Vista is 6 years old at this point, and XP is 12 years old.

What did you expect? They can't support old OS's forever.

In 2010, I tried to explain that concept to a lab in the building I worked IT at, regarding Win2k. From what I hear, that computer is still around.

But seriously no way CC runs well on a pre-i3 machine.

This is such BS for the people who bought the complete suit and now we can't get any of the new ...Freaking awesome updates?!?!

When you had CS4 and CS5 came out, the issue was the same. I understand many of the complaints regarding CC, but this particular one doesn't really make sense to me.

Uhh how does this not make sense.... I bought CS6 master collection less than a year ago, And now I can't get the all the new updates because they completely switched over to the CC and no longer care about the people who bought the hard copy

You're missing the point: this would have happened to you if Adobe chose to upgrade their software to a new version (which is always bound to happen at some point), even if it wasn't CC. Let's say it was CS7. Did you think you would get that for free? Of course not. You would get discounted on the upgrade, which you also get with CC.

Personally I think your missing the point, CS6 was released in April of last year...They are still using CS6 not CS7 there for the updates that they released for "CS6 CC" should also be given to the people who just bought the $$$ software
Its just a small update- it should be given out to the people who bought it the Hard Copy or if they use the CC, plain and simple

Photoshop CC is an entirely different program all together. Its not an update from CS6, its an upgrade from CS6....much like CS6 was an upgrade from CS5. You don't get a free upgrade to those if you've purchased the previous product.

What part beside the few updates make it a whole new program ...And if so then they should have an update for purchase

The new updates make it a new program to begin with. When you buy CS6, you buy CS6 as it was released. The only updates they do for that program from that point on are bug fixes. This new CC version has dozens of new features making it the next installment of their series. This is how Adobe has worked since their launch, without any complaints. You have CS6, which is a completely capable program, but just because you purchased that, doesn't entitled you to get the next installment for free.

With Creative Cloud though, they update it like you want them to. When CC2 comes out, the Cloud service will notify you of the new program and let you download and install it with no additional costs.

Adobe will continue to support CS6. I believe they will also send out updates to view future versions. But no new features.

Let's see how long before the hackers break this CC business...

i read that a crack is already in the making....
not that i advice to use one or will use one myself.
but it shows that CC is only to annoy users and to get a steady flow of cash.
from users that from now on have NO LEVERAGE at all.
before we could just stop buying BUGGY stuff (like LR 5) and wait if it will be fixed.
now we have to rent whatever buggy software adobe offers us....

So I wanted to buy the student edition but Adobe seems to only accept creditcards for monthly payments.. great. It's pretty hard to get a credit card as a student in my country.

I was under the impression that you could buy "refill" cards at local retailers. I have never used this method, but Adobe has emailed me before when my subscription due and suggested it as a form of payment.

I want the product in my hands, not in the clouds. Maybe I'm old fashioned that way, but I have always been willing to pay for it.

The product downloads and installs, it does not run from "the cloud" , your files are local, not "in the cloud"... you CAN upload stuff to the cloud if you want... But PS works JUST like before....except you pay 19.99 a month (photoshop only) versus a lump sum...

Isn't the 19.99 an introductory price? Like I said, I may be old fashioned, but for some reason, I would like to have the product in my hand. I'll probably come around out of necessity, but I'll come around kicking and biting, lol.

It's 19.99 for one year, the price could go up or down. If they raise it to some crazy amount, I'll go back to CS4.... at this point, there is no other option if you want the latest and greatest.....But so far, I am loving Photoshop CC, a huge upgrade from where I was (CS4)

They claim it's for the first year, but I imagine that price won't change. They're already getting enough flak for the Cloud based service.

As for the cloud, I was really resistant when they first announced it, but I installed it yesterday and I really like it. I had no idea that Adobe made so many products, and when you take all of that into account, it makes the cloud system a no brainer.

Flak is irrelevant unless it affects profits. Adobe's customers are their shareholders. Everyone else can suck it.

I agree, I also doubt it will go up this first round.... I think much of the flak is coming from the same misconception I had... I thought the program itself ran from the cloud (like some of microsofts products) and was under the impression that my files HAD to be stored on Adobe servers....So far, I love PS CC

"...except you pay $19.99 a month—for eternity"

As oppose to paying $400+ every 18 months....for eternity.

It's $240.00 a year to always have the latest and greatest software. Compared to my other business expenses, this is a no brainer

no you don´t... you pay more then 19,99 in a year... and even more in the year after that.

yes the only thing that is in the clouds is your money, when you stop paying you are left with nothing!

Crack arriving in t- 10...9...8

it´s already cracked.. who cares what adobes does....

Uhm...the entire graphics design world?

pirates don´t care.. that´s for sure.
they are not affected by the cloud nonsense.

So for you folks who have upgraded, how's the performance compared to CS5/CS6? I'm running a '09 MBP with 8gb of RAM and wondering if I'm going to be ok with the update.

I'm on a 2010 MB with 4g of RAM and it runs noticeably faster than CS6 did.

people report the crack is working fine......
i wonder how hard this will hit adobe. i know a few who will not udpate and some will use warez.
but maybe the morons of this world will balance that......

Adobe : 0
Pirates :1

Complaining about how Adobe has decided to charge for their products is pointless. If you don't like it, stick to your older software. When it becomes too outdated just switch to the viable competitors product... Oh wait, there is no one making software as versatile as Photoshop. I guess you just have to suck it up.

Adobe made a serious mistake here. The same mistake the games industry did with a lot of the DRM. Customers had to download cracks to be able to use their software without a CD (for example) or for the software to operate at all. Punishing people who buy their software by putting limitations in the software that the "freeloaders" do not have. Photojournalists that spend long times without Internet connections or people like me who spend most of the summer in remote location where there is no cell phone coverage, much less Internet connections. Adobe basically tells us either to use their old versions (Like CS6) or buy CC and install a crack to be able to use the software we are willing to pay for. I don't mind paying a monthly fee. I think it's a great idea, but having to connect to the Internet, or "forcing me" to do it goes against the entire idea of software liberty (I buy a license, I want to be able to use the software how, where, and when I like, not be limited by some corporate ideas). Perhaps if a large enough consumer base shows Adobe they made a mistake, they will change their too rigid policies.

36,000 folks have signed.They don't like Adobe CC licensing.Show @Adobe how you feel.

Another more fiscal way to show @Adobe you dont like the CC licensing scheme. #adobe2014 ..