Ralph Lauren's Runway Event Goes 4D

The other day I came across a popular video on Vimeo right now that featured an amazing new projection technique hitting large buildings across the world. The art is called 3D Projection Mapping and the effect is really cool. By creating 3D graphic models and merging it with video and stills shot on green screen, these artists are able to project dynamic sequences onto buildings in a way that makes them come to life. Everyone from Samsung, Adidas, and Toyota have used 3D projection mapping for advertising, and the results are spectacular. Ralph Lauren recently created a 3D Projection Map sequence for their 10 years of digital innovation runway show in NYC, and they filmed a great behind the scenes video. The second video is the final event and below it are several other interesting videos from other companies.

Final Video:

TOYOTA: 3D Projection Mapping on a Auris Hyrbrid

SAMSUNG: First Projection Mapping at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam


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I feel the need to point out that 4D is spacetime. So unless they have incorporated time travel or teleportation into this device, it remains at our current limitation of three dimensions.

That being said, it's still a ridiculously cool innovation.

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Yeah I don't know why RL has to market it as 4D when everyone else is calling it 3D mapping...either way it's really cool stuff.

I was going to rant about that, but im pleased to see it is the first comment... Good stuff.

They call it 4D because they sprayed the fragrance at the audience during that part of the projection. Not really 4D - but it does add another 'sense' to the whole thing.

Kind of entertaining but the Toyota one blew that out of the water. It seemed ludacris and egotistical to claim it as the worlds first 4D experience....like come on. It's projectors lined up perfectly with 3d scale models and some after effects.I took 3D Animation, I don't claim to be a pro but I see through their smoke and mirrors. But the Toyota one! thats awesome

Ten years of Digital innovation shot on (mostly) 35mm film?

I'm currently developing a 4-D camera which alters the space-time continuum.. Using Euclidean geometry and in accordance with Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, this 4-D camera will bend time to a point where you're done shooting before you even started

... roflcopter! Enough said.