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A Samsung Ad with Casey Neistat Shows off 'The Rest of Us'

Last night was the Academy Awards Ceremony; it's one of the most-watched shows of the year and the pinnacle of award ceremonies for the film industry at large. It's quite a who's who with a red carpet and television cameras all over the place and the people are dressed to the nines in the super-brand fashion designer dresses, flaunted for the world to see. Enter Casey Neistat, a YouTube creator who proposed Samsung make an advert that airs during the ceremony.

How to Use Color to Manipulate Emotions

The Verge has released a video that shows how blockbuster movie makers are using color to show certain moods and to make you feel different ways when watching a scene or movie. There is a science behind why particular colors draw out certain emotions, and they delve into what exactly Hollywood does to get that specific look. Blue and orange are the most used, it's not quite clear why, but they are. According to the video, it might be because it makes the actors pop against the background.

'Planet Earth II' Is BBC's Most Cinematic Series Yet, Here's How

How did technology make "Planet Earth" so much more cinematic? If we go back to how it was done back in the day and compare it to the technology we have today, it's quite a leap. Back in the day 35mm was the broadcast standard. The 35mm cameras were bulky and heavy, they were perfect for studio and not for the shots that they needed. In the filming circles and the BBC insiders saw 16mm film as being for amateurs. But, thanks to David Attenborough first taking his 16mm camera out to shoot abroad and coming back with footage of animals never filmed before, it changed opinions. This made the program that later became one of the best wildlife documentaries of all time.

Pixar and Khan Academy Teach The Art of Storytelling for Free

We've all seen Toy Story. We've all been taken on the same journey with Finding Nemo, and felt sad when Wall-E was left behind to clean earth all by himself. We've all had either a smile on our face or a tear in the eye due to a fictional 3D rendered character showed an emotion you identified with. We take photos and video of what we know. We show others these images and moving images with the aim to make them feel that same emotion. We create because of the emotional experience we felt at some point in life towards a movie or photo that made us decide that's what we want to do.

People Look More Powerful in Photos When Facing Right

I'm not too sure about this, but maybe it's because most of the images on my Facebook profile that people like are the ones of me looking left but hey, this is science, and it's called Spacial Agency Bias. Simone Schnall is a Director at the Cambridge Embodied Cognition and Emotion Laboratory. She says we all want to look progressive, dynamic, and forward thinking. It's what the social circles, culture, and industry demands. It's also what we want to portray when people see photos of us.

Tinder for Film Stocks

Film has had a great resurgence in the industry. Whether it's because of the hipster hype or due to people wanting the special color and feeling that film brings is unknown to me. On January 5, 2017 Kodak made it known that they were bringing back a classic, the EKTACHROME Film stock.

IKEA Reminds Us How To Live With Light

We as photographers capture light. It's the fastest thing we know in space and time, and we try make it still to enjoy and share with others. It's the one thing we as photographers use every time we press the shutter button. To change from looking at photography for inspiration we can follow Chase Jarvis's advice and look at a Swedish Furniture design company IKEA to show us how they think about and use light, and about how we use it and how we don't.

Film Riot Shows How to Compose Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro

I've always had this issue with regards to the sound design of video and how to actually get something that is usable for the video you are working on. It's either getting audio from a stock library, having a friend compose something, or making it yourself. And the latter is really very time-consuming, and I'd rather focus on the stuff I enjoy and am good at, like shooting photos or video. Once I watched the latest video by Film Riot, it seems like the problem of finding audio might be over.

David Bergman Gives Tips on How to Let Clients Show You The Money

It's always such a sensitive subject for the creative industry. Money is what the creative industry hates to ask for. but loves to have for their gear and career. So let's get it out there. Professional photography is a business, and in photography, you'll only flourish at it because you love what you do. You'll never become a photographer if you didn't love it. David Bergman gives some good tips when starting out because photographers don't usually know what their images are worth.

Stairways That Take You Back to the Future

Balint Alovits is a photographer based in Budapest, Hungary who created a showcase of Bauhaus and Art Deco caracoles. He calls them "Time Machines." He assures me that these stairways really exist and that they aren't computer generated. He found their location online at first, but then developed a special sense, knowing if he saw the ornate front doors or large glass paneling, there was a good chance there was a special stairway inside too.

Making Visuals Great Again: TV Hires Adventure Photographers to Capture Younger Audience

YLE, a Finnish Broadcasting company, were on a mission to attract a younger audience. They needed to make a change to their strategy and get some new programs produced. They knew these shows had to tell stories that were going to speak to a younger audience. Stories that would captivate the senses - and get people excited about the outdoors, to travel and explore.

B&H Takes a First Look at the Fujifilm GFX 50S

They compare the usability to that of the X-T2 but with a larger sensor. The camera boxes a 51.4mp Bayer sensor and not an X-Trans sensor like you will get in the X-Pro and X-T camera line-ups. It looks well-built, just like what you would get from Fujifilm, and it looks usable in many photographic environments, in studio or on location.

Why Do Characters Drink Milk in Movies

Drinks play an important role in movies. Why does James Bond drink his Martini shaken, and not stirred? Does it show complexity of the character or does it show status in relation to the other characters in the scene and movie? According to the above video, milk also plays a significant role in the portrayal of the character in the story, and can mean different things in context of the film.

Bird Photography Technology Makes Great Images Possible

Lisa is not a professional photographer. She started taking photos and learned about photography because she started watching birds and wanted a way to document it. She’s originally from Germany and moved to the US with her American husband. She lives in Michigan now, and although the landscape and weather is similar to what she experienced in Germany, the wildlife, especially the birds, differ quite a lot.

How I'm Going Into 2017

This is not an article supposed to inspire you. It’s not written to be thought of as something light hearted and full of heart-warming messages. It’s a call to arms. We’re heading into 2017. 2016 was a rollercoaster. We’ve had unexpected Brexit, US Elections, the death of icons who gave us music that gave us purpose. Musicians like Leonard Cohen, Dawid Bowie, Prince, and George Michael will never be again. That time has past. In the film industry we’ve just lost Carrie Fisher who played Princess Laia in Star Wars, and we also lost the great Mohammed Ali.

How Casey Neistat's Style of Editing Made Him So Famous

The Nerdwriter is a Youtube channel run by a guy called Evan Puschak. He uploads great analysis video essays about movies, writers, and most recently, about one of the great vloggers of our time, Casey Neistat. Now although Casey finished his daily vlog, it’s still important to analyze and see how Casey as an editor of his vlog went about shooting, and most importantly, how he edited his vlogs to make it entertaining and fun to watch.

Changes We Wish Adobe Would Make to Creative Cloud

Adobe is known as being the creator of Photoshop. Then, they went and bought Macromedia in 2005 which changed the game a lot for the creative industry. Since then, apps were bundled, we’ve moved to a subscription model with Creative Cloud, and all the apps now work together intuitively. I have a great respect for the company that makes the software I use every day. But there are certain workflows that I think can improve.