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A Samsung S8 Review and Return to the Daily Vlog

Once you've had the opportunity to feel the power of the community and your following, going without it must be hard. Casey Neistat is back with his daily vlog, and one of his latest videos is a review of the Samsung S8, which, according to the review, gives you more than an iPhone 7. The general feeling of the vlog now is that he's more relaxed, and is more responsible to his viewers. He obviously sees the vlog as something new, and has numbered the them from 01, starting again. He wears a helmet on his boosted board with a reflective jacket, and he states that he won't fly his drone as freely as he used to, due to so many people getting them and that he doesn't want to influence someone flying in places where people can get hurt.

Photographing First Responders

Photography isn't something you decide as a career path. You rather find photography and then setup your life to do it as a job. It has that effect and it's why it's such a beautiful art form. You'll never be a successful photographer if you are not passionate about it, which is different to deciding a financial adviser or insurance broker. I might be stereotyping, but I am sure there are many who love their job, but also many who do not, but at least get a good paying salary at the end of every month, so they keep at it.

Ten Firmware Updates for the Fujifilm X-T2 and X-Pro2

Fujifilm will soon release a firmware update for their flagship cameras, the X-T2 and the X-Pro2. The first update is due end of March, and the second one will be released end of May. The update, as stated by them, is reflective of user requests that they have received. What I found interesting, and a first brands that I know of to do so, is the possibility of adding voice notes while paging through your images.

How to Use Look Up Tables to Edit Photos

Look Up Tables (LUTs) are generally used to changes certain colors and their ranges in video using Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or any professional video editing software. We often edit our photos with actions and presets in Lightroom or Photoshop, but it is possible to edit these photos using LUTs too. This video by Peter McKinnon shows how to do just that. The next time you like a certain look of your videos because of a LUT you applied to it, know that you can use it on a still image too.

Fashion Portraits Show People and Their Dogs Look Alike

Alexander Khohlov, a multi-award winning photographer from Moscow, has done the incredible. He has put together a team to style people and dogs to suit each other. Although the dogs aren't the model's pets, it's a very well executed project with regards to photography, styling, and hair and makeup, and it's set up in a studio which draws the eyes to the characters, the person, and the dog in the photograph.

Canon to Provide C-Log Upgrade for 5D Mark IV

We've been hearing rumors that Canon will be releasing a firmware update for the Canon 5D Mark IV that will make it possible to capture in C-Log, Canon's own log file format, and that they will be making it available during NAB in Las Vegas next month. Whether the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II will get the same update is still unclear, but reliable sources have made it known that the 5D Mark IV is definitely getting updated.

Are PCs Cool Again?

The video showcases and discusses the latest desktop computers and what features you can get with regards to screens and processor capabilities in the category. I've used a laptop for most of my photography and videography career. The idea of not being able to take the machine with me when I need to go has been my reason for not getting a desktop machine, and the work I do requires me to get up and go when a job arises.

YouTube Star Casey Neistat Gets a Daily Show at CNN

Casey Neistat built a name for himself with his documentaries and unique editing style long before his daily vlog started. When CNN purchased his team for $25 million, he had over 6 million subscribers on YouTube, but it wasn't clear what he'd do for CNN. But the latest news is that he will be getting his own daily show at CNN which will run at 5 p.m. and is planned to launch in March.

A Samsung Ad with Casey Neistat Shows off 'The Rest of Us'

Last night was the Academy Awards Ceremony; it's one of the most-watched shows of the year and the pinnacle of award ceremonies for the film industry at large. It's quite a who's who with a red carpet and television cameras all over the place and the people are dressed to the nines in the super-brand fashion designer dresses, flaunted for the world to see. Enter Casey Neistat, a YouTube creator who proposed Samsung make an advert that airs during the ceremony.

How to Use Color to Manipulate Emotions

The Verge has released a video that shows how blockbuster movie makers are using color to show certain moods and to make you feel different ways when watching a scene or movie. There is a science behind why particular colors draw out certain emotions, and they delve into what exactly Hollywood does to get that specific look. Blue and orange are the most used, it's not quite clear why, but they are. According to the video, it might be because it makes the actors pop against the background.

'Planet Earth II' Is BBC's Most Cinematic Series Yet, Here's How

How did technology make "Planet Earth" so much more cinematic? If we go back to how it was done back in the day and compare it to the technology we have today, it's quite a leap. Back in the day 35mm was the broadcast standard. The 35mm cameras were bulky and heavy, they were perfect for studio and not for the shots that they needed. In the filming circles and the BBC insiders saw 16mm film as being for amateurs. But, thanks to David Attenborough first taking his 16mm camera out to shoot abroad and coming back with footage of animals never filmed before, it changed opinions. This made the program that later became one of the best wildlife documentaries of all time.

Pixar and Khan Academy Teach The Art of Storytelling for Free

We've all seen Toy Story. We've all been taken on the same journey with Finding Nemo, and felt sad when Wall-E was left behind to clean earth all by himself. We've all had either a smile on our face or a tear in the eye due to a fictional 3D rendered character showed an emotion you identified with. We take photos and video of what we know. We show others these images and moving images with the aim to make them feel that same emotion. We create because of the emotional experience we felt at some point in life towards a movie or photo that made us decide that's what we want to do.

People Look More Powerful in Photos When Facing Right

I'm not too sure about this, but maybe it's because most of the images on my Facebook profile that people like are the ones of me looking left but hey, this is science, and it's called Spacial Agency Bias. Simone Schnall is a Director at the Cambridge Embodied Cognition and Emotion Laboratory. She says we all want to look progressive, dynamic, and forward thinking. It's what the social circles, culture, and industry demands. It's also what we want to portray when people see photos of us.

Tinder for Film Stocks

Film has had a great resurgence in the industry. Whether it's because of the hipster hype or due to people wanting the special color and feeling that film brings is unknown to me. On January 5, 2017 Kodak made it known that they were bringing back a classic, the EKTACHROME Film stock.