Know How to Pose and Be a Better Photographer

In this video, Sorelle Amore gives tips on posing for photos by posing herself. She shows on camera what the various ways are to create angles, lines, and curves that are more appealing and flattering than just standing there. 

Your model or subject can be as photogenic as can be, and you can have the stylist from heaven and makeup done by a goddess. But if you do not know how to direct your subject, your images will remain mediocre, boring and stale and so would your Instagram following. 

Using the ligaments of the body to create shapes that lead into or out of the core of the body, to direct the eye of the viewer, is what you’re aiming to get. And using the subject’s ability to create curves are skills any photographer must have and feel comfortable directing for. It’s what defines a good model, and essentially the images you’re capturing defines your quality of work.

What’s even better is when you as a photographer take on the role as subject and try to take some self-portraits to see how difficult and what hard work it is to create these poses that you’re wanting to photograph. 

These tips are valuable to start your portraiture or fashion photography career with or to learn something new, and it’s always good to know the rules before you start trying to break them. 

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Andy Squib's picture

Posing people is something that I always have the biggest problem with. Every tip is very important, so thanks for sharing :)

Rob Davis's picture

Really helps if you're a 5' 11" size 2 woman like this when you're doing it.

David Mawson's picture

Yes. Directing a subject with the build of a commercial model is completely different to directing a "civilian."

Motti Bembaron's picture

Very true! However, every little tip helps.

Leigh Smith's picture

I like this girl

Wouter du Toit's picture

This article and video has received a lot of interest. Do you think it’s her way of showing how to improve, or the topic, posing, that many are interested in?

Leigh Smith's picture

Content is informative, Production is pretty good. But her personality is what really shines!

Motti Bembaron's picture

She has amazing energy! Good simple tips.

Joe Black's picture

great post. Thank you very much !