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What's Your Creative Type: An Adobe Quiz

Have you ever wondered what your creative type is, and needed someone or something to guide you? Adobe might have what you've been looking for.

Learn Lightroom in Less Than 30 Minutes

If you're new to photography and you want to know how professional photographers get their colors looking the way they do, this video will show you how. Lightroom is a powerful photo-editing piece of software and also one of the most used across the photography industry.

What Gear Companies Do You Invest In?

I'm not talking about gear you buy. I'm talking about investing on the stock market. Many of the companies we as photographers use are public companies. For me, it's become a time to consider investing. What would you buy?

Is Your Creativity Due to Your Insecurity?

It's never occurred to me that creativity can come from a place of insecurity, but this video made me think about it. I'm a confident guy, and I get my creativity in the same way Chris Do gets it: by being optimistic and believing that reaching the top of the mountain only shows you the next peak to start climbing.

How Was Video Invented?

This video shows how video came to be what it is today. It's fascinating to learn how the concept of a fax machine invented in the 1800s was developed to become the broadcast on TV we grew up to watch and love.

AI Turns Sketches Into Photorealistic Landscapes

Do you need to put together a mood board or share some ideas with regards to the location you're looking for? Soon, it'll be possible to draw some lines and have it generated by AI. This video shows what's to come.

How To Take The Perfect Photo

In all the glory that is Wes Anderson, Mango Street decided to enter the Moment Invitational 2019 with a video telling you how to take the perfect photo. It covers the basics in a great way, and the video was obviously shot using the Moment lenses.

How to Speed Up Photoshop

More often than not, we get the product out of the box, toss the manual, and find out the settings as we go along. It's 2019 and things should be intuitive.

Quentin Tarantino Gives a Glimpse of How He Writes His Stories

He doesn't always know how the second half of the movie will go. He needs to be inspired enough to actually start writing, and if you've seen Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs, the dialogues of his characters are gripping right through.

Repeat What You Know to Master It

You can watch as many YouTube videos as you want. The only way you will ever know how to do something well is if you’ve actually done it, and repeated it a few times to make it stick.

Shooting the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos

Greg Beadle has once again received an invitation as one of the photographers at this year's WEF conference in Davos. This time, Sony gave him their gear to try out. Here are his thoughts and some of the pictures he took.

Behance Has Updated Your Profile

Showcasing your work as a creative has always been an important aspect of your job. You’re showing your work, and it’s important to do this right. Behance is trying to facilitate this need with their new profiles.

The Only Resolution You Need for 2019

I'm not talking about image resolution. I'm talking about the things you want to achieve in 2019. Here's a great way to do it.

How Is Photography Affecting Us?

People are going to the plastic surgeon to get rhinoplasties because their mobile phone cameras distort their noses too much while taking selfies. What does photography mean in 2019, and where are we going?

Why We Love Wide Screens

Have you ever wondered why the back of your DSLR has a wide screen on it, or why your monitor at home has a landscape-orientated format? I always thought this was scientifically proven to be the best and most powerful way to watch motion on a screen, but this video shows us how wide screens became the standard.

Flickr Is Drastically Reducing the Size of Free Accounts

If you want to have Flickr host more than 1,000 of your photos, you'll need to upgrade to a pro account. It's quite a change from the free TB they've been giving users and photographers since 2013.