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Stanford Researchers Take a World-First 3,200 Megapixel Photo

You'll need 378 4K ultra-high definition screens to display this photo in full size. Imagine being able to see a golf ball from 15 miles away. Its low-light capabilities can also spot objects 100 million times dimmer than what we can see with the human eye.

Registration for Adobe MAX Is Free This Year

It's going to be virtual, but for all of us based in different places in the world, this is great news. They're showcasing everything new, so you can be an early adopter and work more efficiently and learn something new. Keanu Reeves, Annie Leibovitz, and award-winning filmmaker Ava DuVernay will be participating too, so it's going to be interesting and entertaining.

It’s Ok to Not Always Feel Ok

The creative industry is a tough one. We are absolutely passionate about what we do, which is different to most jobs out there. I mean, the jobs might be good, be interesting and satisfactory, but the running of your own photography or visual arts business has entrepreneurship, art, traveling, meeting other creative industry types, and the process of making something creative all combined into one job that you consistently spend time on building out, learning, and growing.

Instagram Reels: A Quick Tutorial To Get You Creating

Instagram has introduced Reels, which is similar to TikTok and Snapchat, and you can basically edit videos all within Instagram. The app also now has a Reels feed, which is similar to Facebook videos and TikTok with one video playing after the next.

Stick With Canon Or Switch To Sony?

Canon has recently announced their new flagship cameras, the R5 and R6. There will be no 5D mark V, and the Canon shooters looking to upgrade will need to eventually sell off their old glass for almost nothing.

Fstoppers Reviews the Moment Sling Bag

Most of us have a camera bag or even several bags that we use depending on the shoot we’ve got to pack for. But it’s not every day a brand makes a bag that makes you think differently about your day out shooting.

How to Come up With New Ideas

Have you ever felt stuck with no creative idea inspiring you to create something? Even if it's in your bedroom or living room or while browsing the net, this video shows you how to save ideas and use them as reference for new concepts and to even show clients.

How Much Does Your Video Format Cost to Shoot?

In this video Jason Boone gives us a calculation and some apps we can use to calculate what we need to add to our invoice as the cost of capturing and storing the data.

A Bouncer Who Took Photographs but Didn't Make It to His First Exhibition

Billy Monk was a bouncer in a club in Cape Town South Africa. It was in the 60s, during Apartheid, where certain rules regarding social dynamics were strongly enforced, and yet, here he was, documenting the people who freed themselves of these rules whenever inside this club called Catacombs.

A Map Tracking Live Global Creative Production Status

We all want out. We want to get working. Our clients are calling, and we want to get back at it. Genero, a global agency connecting creatives with projects has launched a map to help you plan when and where you could start working.

An Easy, Free Tool to Sell Vouchers for Future Work

We're all at home now, strategizing what we're going to do once it all ends. Here is a platform where you can sell vouchers and have the money reflecting in your account. And it's free.

How to Shoot an Ad in Your Dining Room

Daniel Schiffer is a YouTuber who started off as a guy making videos for restaurants. Now, he's got more than one million subscribers, and it's because he can get a lot done with very few resources. In this video, you can see how he does it.

How to Work With Photos in Premiere Pro

In this video, Jason Boone from Boone Loves Video shares the best tips and methods of using still images in Premiere Pro and how to make the visual aspect as interesting and visually appealing as possible.