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Moment's App Now Has Time-Lapses

Imagine you can add an anamorphic lens to a camera and shoot time-lapses with manual controls and a slow shutter mode effect built in, to give that real sense of motion in the shot. Yes, Moment has done just that, and it's all within their Pro Camera app.

Predicting the Future of Fashion Photography if COVID 19 Isn’t Beaten

We’ve heard the news, and we’re all a bit paranoid. It’s understandable. But, the economy is suffering, and so are our jobs and projects. Our clients aren’t calling, because the industry has come to a standstill. It’s said that we should (hopefully) have a vaccine by the end of next year, so for the immediate future, we will need to adapt.

What Should We Do About Facial Hair?

How many times do we have to shoot an epic project and start the post-processing knowing that there will be a considerable amount of time spent removing facial hair? Is this how it should be, or can it be changed?

How Does Autofocus Actually Work?

It's the unsung hero of your photos, and it's always been improving. It's that little switch on the lens. We've become accustomed to AF, and for good reason. It works, and it works very well.

How Do You Make A Movie Look Like One Long Shot?

How do the big movie production companies get us to believe the scene is taken in one long shot when memory cards get full and film runs out? This video shows 4 ways of making the viewer believe it's shot this way in movies such as Academy Award Winning "1917," and maybe you could use it too.

Action Comes Before Motivation

Would you shoot the same thing every day for a year as a personal project? This video shows how much value there is in routine. This is a story all about how a guy’s life got flipped upside down.

Vimeo Is About to Add Some Useful Tools to Their Service Offering

YouTube has become the go-to space for video. We have famous video creators that earn a good living doing so. And then, we have Vimeo, the professionally orientated video-sharing platform that many professionals use to host their projects and productions in the best quality possible online.

Music and the Fisheye Lens

Harry Styles just released his new album with a cover photo taken with a fisheye lens. This video shows how the fisheye lens was created and adopted by musicians and producers in different eras.

Two Weeks With the New Mac Pro

The Mac Pro has been sent to Marques Brownlee for a review, and he's impressed. This video will show you what you can expect if you're planning on upgrading.

Is Creativity a Curse?

Is everyone creative, or is it something we’re cursed with?

Luminar 4 for Beauty Retouching

The software that could save you time or money is here in a big way. I’ve compared the time spent retouching an image like I usually do and retouching it using Luminar’s AI, and the latter takes the cake.

How They De-Aged 'The Irishman' Cast

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. In this video Rodrigo Prieto, the DOP of the movie, discusses how they used three cameras and infrared markers to make it possible to de-age them in post. He also talks about using different LUTs in different eras of the movie to emulate the most popular film stock colors used in these different times.

How to Create High-Contrast Portraits

In this video, Mark Wallace explains how to take high-contrast images. He also explains some key terms that you should think about when you shoot this type of portraits.