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How BBC Films Animals At Night

The animal kingdom does most of its activities at dawn or at dusk, and many only hunt when they can hide in the darkness that the nighttime brings. This video showcases how BBC went about capturing the animals using artificial light at first, and how they do it now using infra-red and thermal cameras.

Adding Color - Changing History or Making It More Relatable?

At first black and white photos were the only way images could be developed, printed, and shown to the world. With digital technology and having all the information at our fingertips allows some obsessive artists delve into the past to bring the past to life by adding color and making the images more relatable. Or does it? Some people have argued that the past shouldn't be altered, and that it must be left as is, preserved and untouched. They argue that the images shape history, and should remain as factually correct as possible. However, when watching the video and seeing the way the images are transformed surely adds another level to the ability to relate to the images.

Does the DJI Spark Have What It Takes?

DJI recently launched the DJI Spark drone. It's their smallest drone yet, and is aimed at the beginner drone flyer. But, at $499, it can certainly be used to capture b-roll footage or for behind the scenes shots that can add to your brand and showcase your working style for potential clients to see. The Verge has put together an overall analysis of the drone which is quite informative and showcases what they see as its uses in everyday life.

Will Robots Take Photography Jobs?

I don't know about you but I've been a little overwhelmed about the power of artificial intelligence and the speed it's replacing jobs that can be automated. Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have recently stated that a basic salary should be paid to every citizen in America to make sure that people who have lost their jobs due to automation can keep on their feet and do whatever it is they've always wanted to do.

Use Audio Swells to Give Your Video Transitions More Punch

I've been focussing on my video transitions lately. I've noticed the big guys like Peter Mckinnon and Casey Neistat use transitions to create interest and make the videos a pleasure to watch. Now I already shoot for the edit, but I've never really focused on what else I can do to give my videos more punch, until this video. Zach Ramelan shows how you can use audio swells to achieve it. TV Shows have been using it for years, and you don't really notice it until you're told what it is.

How To Achieve Flow in Your Shooting

Have you ever been so immersed in your shoot, directing, getting the model to do what you intended and more, and forgetting about time and matter and anything other than what you are doing right now? If not, this video will tell you more about flow and give you some indication of how you can achieve it. Evan Puschak, who is the guy behind The Nerdwriter Youtube channel, really get’s into how you too can benefit from it, create great work and get over a creative block should you ever be experiencing one.

An Agoraphobic Traveller Shoots Images Using the Web

Agoraphobia is the extreme or irrational fear of crowded spaces or enclosed public places. I didn't know there was such a fear, or what it was until this video shed some light on it. Jacqui Kenny speaks about how she can't really function in busy places, almost like her imagination will get the better of her. I never thought having super creative imagination could be a burden, now I know it can be. Because of this impediment she explores the world from her living room.

Social Stories and What to Focus On

There's a trend with our social networks these days. All the networks and apps call it "stories." It's on Facebook now, just like it is on Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, and Snapchat. It's a way of showing others your day, or, documenting it with video and photos and making it a story. This media that has been added to our daily feeds of consumption is obviously difficult for people who haven't learnt to filter out information that they don't need. I follow over 400 people on Instagram, so if each one has a story for me to watch my day will be filled up watching stories which is a lot of time to spend on things that might not have a positive effect on our daily productivity or work.

Control Your Drone With The DJI FPV Goggles By Moving Your Head

When flying from a distance, DJI's Goggles stream the drone's capture at 720dpi, and when you're closer, you can get up to 1080dpi with DJI's new OcuSync Wireless Technology. It's a different take on what goggles can be. It boasts two screens, one for each eye, each with a higher resolution (1280 x 1440) than the Oculus Rift (1080 x 1200), but what is most impressive is how it can be controlled by the tilting of your head with Head Tracking.

Deliver to Yourself First

We've all seen the Instagram feeds where people post a daily painting, photo or post that displays their art. I've attempted it and lasted about a month before I missed a day or didn't have the time to post. As inspiration I follow the people who make it though, like the woman who made a paintings for ants and posted them to Instagram every day, and the guy who made a movie poster every day for a year, and then the daily vloggers like Casey Neistat who once posted a video once a day. The determination is what inspires me the most, and seeing the development of that person's skills and the following grow and the success coming from that.

The First Movie Camera - A History Lesson

If you want to be a photographer or filmmaker you need to know your art form's history, and how it came about. You need to know what has been done in the past that gives you the opportunity to hold these devices our hands today. What makes it so incredibly special is that within just over a hundred years we have seen the invention of the first motion picture camera and the progression in technology to what we have today. This video is a quick summary of how the technology came about. Edison and his assistant W.K.L. Dickson developed the way to display still images consecutively, creating the illusion of motion, a technology still used today.

Meeting Other Photographers

I recently moved to Paris from Cape Town, South Africa. I don't speak French yet, but I have made some friends here due to the photographic industry mixing with the fashion and beauty industry quite a bit. I decided that I needed to get out and meet some photographers and maybe learn and share what I know while having a good time. So as any person would do, I went online and searched the Facebook groups focused on photography in Paris, but it didn't give me anything I felt I wanted to join. What I did find, however, was insight into a photographer's life in a big First World city, so I joined an event and had an epic day.

Instagram Takes on Pinterest with the Addition of Collections

Most of us use Instagram to display our work. It has a great social aspect to it where people can follow your growth and see what you provide as a style. It's where clients go to see if you have what they want with regards to their brand image or way of portraying themselves. It plays an important role in a photographer's working life. As a social platform, they have copied from Snapchat with their stories and now they've copied Pinterest too. Although I don't like copying, let's see what it will offer.

Watch This Dual-Screen Music Video With a Creative Relationship

Directed by Alexandre Courtes, the music video for "Go Up" performed by French-duo Cassius (featuring Cat Power and Pharrell Williams) is a simple concept of having two screens above or next to one another, but the way the shots play with each other to portray a different idea is edited together in a superb way. If creative ideas come from putting two opposing or contrasting ideas together then this is it.

Tips To Improve Your Photos

The video has some great points with practical tips on how to get your creative juices flowing and basically setting yourself up with some barriers to challenge yourself and making the best of the situation. Peter McKinnon goes through a list of things he does to challenge himself to keep being creative and to get out of the comfort zone and push your creative being to another level.

Removing the Camera from the Phone and Still Take Photos

When the initial iPhone came out with a camera that took rather decent photos I was so excited about it. To have a camera in your pocket whenever you needed one was now possible. Then the social networks became visual feeds and the phones started focusing more and more on the cameras to make them shoot printable photos and 4K video. Many have said the iPhone was a camera that you could make a call with. But, what if they removed the camera from the mobile phone? According to The Verge, the end-game of cameras is having no camera at all.

Have Your Photos Rated by AI

You can have your images judged by AI. Just don't blame me if you don't score as high as you thought you would. These developments are supposed to help people decide what images work best for the message you are trying to convey, so it's good to know it's there and to try it out. It's in the beta phase now, and the website is similar to that of EyeEm, the stock image library built in Berlin, where the images are analyzed and tagged automatically depending what is featured in the photograph.