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[Video] Stunning Nikon D4 Release Video

Check out this beautifully shot video made by Corey Rich of Lake Tahoe, CA. The video shows off not only the incredible capabilities of the Nikon D4 (be sure to watch it in HD and full screen), but also offers inspiring footage of three athletes in action: Alex Honnold, a free-solo climber, Dane Jackson, kayaker, and Rebecca Rusch, an ultra-endurance athlete. The final product combines both time lapse footage and video footage, which according to Corey was recorded directly to CF, and all of the interview audio came directly off the camera. Now that I mention it, you might want to grab your headphones while you watch this video.

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Mark Kauzlarich's picture

My boy Alex! Sad he didn't spill the secrets on the camera ahead of time. Gorgeous flick showing off the camera, but just in general, a great video alone, without the D4 hype.

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RUSS's picture

what is it the d4 can do that the other cameras cant? THAT's what i wanna see in a video. WHat makes it worth so many THOUSAND DOLLARS, SHOW ME! :)

Garrett Graham's picture

This was very fun to watch, thanks for sharing!

Even Ødegård's picture

Wow, the slowmo sequense in the waterfall, amazing

Ghislain Leduc's picture

The quality of the video is great but it's boring... Honestly, they should have asked Chase to do it for Nikon... When I look at this video, it's like if they tried to show everything that Canon's pros does... Really not original... arg...

Danylö Böbyk's picture

Honestly, I think it's a great video by itself or interesting perspectives on the sports at hand. On the other, hand it really doesn't show off what the D4 can do.   I can make a very similar video with a 5DmkII, with perhaps some minor difference in the 1-2 low light scenes. What do you guys think?

5D Mark II can't shoot 60p

Danylö Böbyk's picture

Totally agree Ryan. I guess I was more comparing in general. Even the 7D has 60fps @facebook-1492020186:disqus  720p at one forth the price vs D4. the 5DmkII is also way due for an update which will very likely have 60fps too - can't wait = )

That kid with the kayak is crazy!!!! LOL

massimuccio007's picture

i can't believe the slowmo can be achieved straight from camera.... No way!
btw ... that dude is spiderman....!!

While the D4 can in fact shoot 60fps in 1280x720, some of the slow-motion shots of the kayaker in the waterfall were much slower than that. To achieve it, they most likely post-processed it with Twixtor.

The fact that all of the audio used in the edit came right off the camera is awesome... been doing second system audio for too long!

Julio's picture

Re Danylo- I want to see the 5dMark II do in camera timelapse like D4. Yeah I didnt think so. 

Anonymous's picture

As stated above the imagery is amazing, and I'm sure as many have commented already on the specific frame rates and other technical details, and as many other will continue to do. The other aspect is the stories are truly inspirational, all three completely unrelated to what NIKON does, but at the same time exactly related to what NIKON does, inspire creatives. Genius to capture all of this in a short clip.

Nikon D4 = Full Frame HDMI out uncompressed video  ( NICE ! )

Whoa I think Corey Rich might be my new role model. Totally moving west when I graduate this year, if only I can find a job creating awesome stuff like this.