[Video] Joe McNally Tests The New PW3's Range

Last week Pocket Wizard released all the specs for their new PocketWizard Plus III Transceivers. Along with the specs being released, so have a bunch of BTS videos and reviews. Our friends over at the McNally camp did their own testing on many of the features on the new PW3 as well. [Pre-order your PW3 here]. Enjoy!

Fstoppers with the new PocketWizard3

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cool review...pw3 kick ass in features...hopefully the prince wont kick our ass:)
btw alt 8.23 behind lee,on the wall someone wrote penis..the vandals :))

Louis Amore's picture

waste of resource and man power for a terrible photo at the end....

This is meant for the Joe McNally Shoot.

thanks for the review ... ?: what tripod and ball head was that in YOUR review (not McNally's)?

Bah...no TTL...no buy...How could you even make a trigger nowadays with no TTL?

Patrick Hall's picture

 They do make one, it's called the Flex and Mini system....this is the barebones version.   I actually prefer these because the TTL system is pretty clunky on Canon and Nikon.  They need to revamp their systems first to include radio and then they will work well.  Pocket Wizard's Flex and Mini are the best route to accomplish that now but they work with a pretty faulty system to begin with...come on Nikon and Canon, get it together