April Fool's: BTS Of Bar Refaeli's First Nude Photoshoot

April Fool's: BTS Of Bar Refaeli's  First Nude Photoshoot

After Bar Refaeli took over the Superbowl with her controversial commercial, Bar found time to do something she never did before: pose nude for a magazine shoot. The magazine that paid her to do that is currently unknown, but somehow the photos leaked earlier today. Check out the BTS and the final results in the post.

We will update this post once we get more information about the photographer and the magazine.

April fool's!

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bad april fools joke is bad

awerllow's picture

Hahahaha! I saw Bar's name and nude, and I forgot it's almost April. You got me there. Good one, good one....

First world problems. April Fool's Day is 'maddening'.

Poor baby.

Tam Nguyen's picture

Damn. I got too excited too fast.

Patrick Hall's picture

Where are the photos?

Noam Galai's picture

Server issues, trying to fix now..

April Fools and the internet do not mix.... i hate this day.

Why do I even bother to browser the internet on April 1st.

David Carstens's picture

Doh! The first fooling of the day!

Stuart Holden's picture

hahahahaha gold!

I hate you for this. ;)

JP Vernier's picture

Now what i do with the Kleenex?.

An april's fool pranck and the pictures aren't loading... You missed your mark.

just like an april fool...... i keep checking this page.... wish wish